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Thermal Riflescope

The IR-HUNTER® 2 is a rugged and powerful thermal riflescope that is also easy to use. New and improved rotary knobs provide improved system response and reduced lag. These thermal sights are built around a state-of-the art 640×480, 12 micron thermal image sensor. New USB-C port connects external power supplies and video recorders. Built in USA to MIL-STD-810G.

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Rugged. Powerful. Easy to use. The IR-HUNTER® 2 has it all. The heart of the system is a state-of-the art 640x480, 12 micron thermal image sensor that provides superior image quality in any lighting condition. Redesigned electronic hardware and new digital turret controls improve system response and enable the use of external USB power sources and digital video recorders. IR-HUNTER 2 is engineered to last, exhaustively tested, and built in the USA.

Features and Benefits

Three models with three different lenses (24mm, 35 mm, 60mm). Choose the combination of field-of-view and magnification that works best for you.

Trijicon IR-HUNTER 2 inline FOV

Superior Image Quality. 640x480 resolution delivers 4 times as many pixels as competing 320 systems. 12 micron pixel pitch brings a smaller footprint than competing 17 micron systems. 60 Hz Frame rate improves clarity for moving images

Advanced Polarity Control. Choose from various degrees of Black Hot, White Hot, and Edge Detect to improve image quality further.

Trijicon IR-HUNTER 2 inline polarity

Faster System Control. New and improved rotary knobs provides improved system response and reduced lag.

New manual focus adjustment (60mm only). Improves image quality at all distances.

Expanded Functionality. New USB-C connector allows the use of external battery packs, and download of analog and digital video with available adapter for compatible DVRs.

Improved Battery Compartment Design. Redesigned internal battery compartment for a slimmer look and increased durability.

Mounting Versatility. New quick release mount featuring Trijicon® Q-LOC™ Technology provides multiple mounting locations with the ability to affix the scope rapidly and reliably in the dark.

Improved Reticle Choices. User-selectable reticle choices include the classic crosshair, and new MRAD, MOA, .223 REM, .308 WIN, and 300BLK BDC.

Trijicon IR-HUNTER 2 inline reticles

Exhaustive Testing. Trijicon products are subjected to these testing methods:

  • Alaska-to-Africa Tested
  • Immersion Tested
  • Solid Zero Tested
  • Vibration Tested
  • Drop Tested

Legendary Trijicon Durability. Designed, constructed, and tested to MIL-STD-810G. Made in the USA

Model HUNTER-24-2 HUNTER-35-2 HUNTER-60-2
UPC 719307802612 719307802605 719307802599
Sensor Type Vox
Thermal Sensitivity <50 mK
Sensor Resolution 640×480
Sensor Micron 12 Micron
Frame Rate 30Hz / 60 Hz
Spectral Response 8-12 μm
Display Type OLED
FOV 18° 12°
Eye Relief 27mm
Diopter -6 / +2
Optical Magnification 1.2x 1.75x 3x
Digital Zoom 1-8x
Combined Magnification 1.2-9.6x 1.75-14x 3-24x
Objective Lens 24mm f/1.2 35mm f/1.2 60mm f/1.25
Battery Pack (2) CR123
Battery Life Approx. 4 hr
Environmental -25.6°F (-32°C) to 122°F (50°C) Operating
-59.8°F (-51°C) to 160°F (71°C) Storage
Submersion 1m / 1 hr
Weight 28.4 oz. / 805g 29.1 oz. / 825g 40.7 oz. / 1140g
Dimensions 9.6 in. x 3.0 in. x 3.2 in.
(246mm x 76.2mm x 81.8mm)
9.8 in. x 3.0 in. x 3.2 in.
(250.8mm x 76.2mm x 81.8mm)
11.0 in. x 3.0 in. x 3.2 in.
(279.4mm x 76.2mm x 81.8mm)
Length does not include flip caps, width does not include mount knob, height from top of rail.
User Interface Dial Encoders Dial
Mounting Kit Mini Picatinny Rail Mount
Easy Zero Yes
Image Capture Yes
*Disclaimer: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Take on the Night

Trijicon’s advanced thermal imaging riflescopes are trusted by the most demanding shooters to get the job done with accuracy and speed no matter what. Day or night. Choose from thermal imaging monoculars, helmet sights, weapon sights, and clip-on sights. Conquer darkness with Trijicon®.

Industry-Leading Research, Design & Testing

We are engineers at heart, like our founder, Glyn Bindon. Therefore, we are bound by a commitment to seek innovative aiming solutions that constantly redefine “brilliant.” This legacy of innovation is fed by what we call The Science of Brilliant®, which is supported by three unwavering principles:

1. A Heritage of Innovation

Trijicon® has led the industry in the development of superior, any-light aiming systems since the company’s founding in 1981. We have pioneered many new aiming solution technologies and innovations, and we will continue to do so.

2. Industry-Leading Durability

What we’ve learned from decades of deployment with America’s greatest fighting forces, we’ve put back into our technology for hunting and shooting enthusiasts. Many products—such as the ACOG®, VCOG® and RMR®—exceed military testing protocols, while every Trijicon® product follows the lessons we’ve learned from our battle-tested technologies.

Testing procedures include:

Alaska-to-Africa Temperature Tested
To ensure our optics are ready for whatever our users throw at them, we perform “Alaska-to-Africa” temperature shock tests on each design with temperatures from -20°F to 140°F.

Solid Zero Tested
Riflescope zero is measured on each design after at least 1,000; 3,000 and 5,000 consecutive rounds to ensure no reticle shift has occurred and precision is maintained.

Drop Tested
We drop test every riflescope design to check for durability. Because we don’t believe every drop should be followed by a warranty claim.

Shock & Vibration Tested
Every model is tested to withstand recoil and vibrational stresses without performance degradation or malfunction, so it can take a beating before, during, and after use.

Immersion Tested
To ensure our products are protected from harsh environmental conditions, we fill them with dry nitrogen and conduct an immersion test on each optic design to ensure no fogging or leaks.

3. A Commitment to Craftsmanship

Strict adherence to exact tolerances, ISO certifications, and optical perfection have helped Trijicon® earn the reputation of creating precision products that deliver fine-tuned repeatability. Exceptional quality is not only created through the latest technologies, it is also achieved through highly trained, hands-on American workers who adhere to meticulous procedures and strict tolerances.

Expect the following in every Trijicon produce (where applicable):

  • Brilliant Clarity
  • Precision-Built Reticles
  • Bright, Crisp Illumination
  • Application-Based Adjusters
  • Exceptional Quality

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