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The DesignateIR Features a Visible Green Laser (520nm) and an Infrared Laser (850nm) for use with Night Vision Devices. Fitted with a Mil-Standard Crane Laser Remote Switch Connector the DesignateIR™ can be operated via remote switch or remote button from multiple manufacturers. (Optional) The DesignateIR uses an integrated Fire Control Button to operate the lasers.



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DesignateIR™ Black Dual Beam Green Visible Laser / Infrared Laser / All New Arisaka Defense Aluminum Mounting Plate & Ambi Fire Button / MADE IN U.S.A.

Introducing the newly redesigned DesignateIR™ Dual Beam Laser from US Night Vision. The DesignateIR™ laser is the smallest, lightest, highest power, lowest profile dual beam tactical aiming laser available on the market.
Made in the USA, the DesignateIR™ features the lowest profile design ever offered in the Laser Industry. When mounted at 12 o’clock on a Picatinny hand guard, the laser projection height over bore is an incredible .6 inchs! That’s lower than any standard synthetic Front Sight Post!

Further enhanced with the most recent breakthroughs in laser diode technology, the DesignateIR™ features the most advanced Infrared & Green lasers on the market. The innovative design also provides a center-of-bore fire control button, effectively allowing ambidextrous operation by both right & left-handed operators. The DesignateIR™ is available in back, FDE, olive drab green and is compatible with all Crane certified remote pressure pad systems (optional).


  • Green Visible / Infrared Lasers
  • 3V CR123 Battery Included
  • Innovative Fire Button Placement
  • Dual Beam Laser Operation
  • MIL-STD Crane Remote Switch Connector
  • Remote Pressure Switch (Optional)
  • MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail Mount
  • Fire Control Button (Momentary/Constant)
  • Easy To Use Selector Switch Vis/Off/IR
  • Intuitive “User Only” Activation Light
  • Windage / Elevation Adjustable / Green Slaves IR
Dimensions (L) 3.8″ x (W) 2.8″ x (H) .6″
Weight (w/ Battery) 5.8.oz
Battery (1) CR123
Battery Life > 6 hours
Environmental Mil 810G
Warranty 2 years
Visible Laser
Laser Color Green
Output Power > 2.5 mW Class 1
Beam Divergence .5 mrad
Wavelength 850 nm
Range > 50 m Daylight
IR Laser
IR Laser Infrared
Output Power > .7 mW Class 3R
Beam Divergence .5 mrad
Wavelength 850 nm
Range > 1000 m


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