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Clarion Dual Focus
Thermal Weapon Sight

Incorporating two objective lenses in one scope, Clarion thermal weapon sights easily switch between a wider field of view for finding prey and a longer view to aid identification and shot placement. Two Clarion models match their lens sets with appropriate base magnification and sensor resolution. The sensors are highly sensitive (<20 mK) and each Clarion also features 8.5–11 hours battery life, onboard recording, WiFi streaming, HD OLED display, digital zoom, SAR, and more!

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Technologically advanced AGM Clarion dual base magnification thermal scopes solve one of the biggest problems many night hunters face. Which lens size and sensor configuration will provide the appropriate optical base magnification and field of view for the hunt? Clarion scopes solve this problem by incorporating a dual lens optical system. Simply switch between the two lens sizes to set a new base magnification and field of view with no degradation of image resolution! Now, hunters can optimize their optic for the specific geography and prey.

Clarion 384 pairs a 25mm and 50 mm lenses. The 25mm lens configuration has 2x base magnification and a wider FOV (10.5° × 7.9° or 53 ft @ 100 yards) to more easily find potential targets over a larger area. Switching to the 50 mm lens configuration brings 4.5x base magnification and a narrower FOV (5.3° × 4.0° or 27 ft @ 100 yards) to aid positive identification and shot placement at up to 2600 yards.

Clarion 640 pairs a 35mm and 60 mm lenses. The 35mm lens configuration has 2x base magnification and a wider FOV (12.5° × 10.0° or 65 ft @ 100 yards) to more easily find potential targets over a larger area. Switching to the 60 mm lens configuration brings 3x base magnification and a narrower FOV (7.3° × 5.9° or 38 ft @ 100 yards) to aid positive identification and shot placement at up to 3,000 yards.

All Clarion scopes use new, highly sensitive thermal sensors with a sub-20 mK rating. Other notable features include a high-quality 640x512 or 384x288 12-micron thermal sensor, removable rechargeable battery, up to 11 hours of continuous battery life on a single charge (2 batteries included), 10 internal reticle options, 5 different customizable zeroing profiles, 10 different brightness and contrast settings, WiFi hotspot capability, video/audio recording and image capture, 16 GB storage, compatibility with the AGM Connect app, 4 different reticle colors, 4 color palettes, 5 image sharpness settings, and a high-quality American Defense mount which works well with both AR and bolt-action shooting platforms.

Clarion Key Features

  • Dual focus objective lens
  • 12μm thermal detector
  • Superior sub-20 mK thermal sensitivity
  • Fast 50Hz imaging
  • High resolution OLED display
  • Adjustable color palettes
  • Various reticle types and colors
  • 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x digital zoom
  • On-board video/audio recording and image capture
  • Built-in EMMC storage (16 GB)
  • Shot Activated Recording (SAR)
  • Wi-Fi data transmission
  • AGM Connect app
  • Stadiametric rangefinder
  • Standby mode
  • 8.5–11 hours battery life (depending on model)
  • External power supply compatibility
  • Waterproof & shockproof
  • 5-year warranty

Clarion Package Includes

  • American Defense Mount
  • Two Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Lens Cloth
  • Owners Manual
  • Carrying Case
Model Clarion 384 Clarion 640
MPN CLAR25-384 CLAR35-640
UPC 810027771582 810027772565
Detector 12μm VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Array
Resolution 384 × 288 640 × 512
NETD Less than 20 mK (25°C, F# = 1.0)
Refresh Rate 50 Hz
Lens System 25 mm; F0.8 / 50 mm; F1.0 35 mm; F0.9 / 60 mm; F1.1
Magnification 2–16× / 4.5–36× 2–16× / 3–24×
Field of View 10.5° × 7.9° / 5.3° × 4.0° 12.5° × 10.0° / 7.3° × 5.9°
Diopter Adjustment -5 to +5 diopters
Focus Range 4 m to infinity / 10 m to infinity 7 m to infinity / 10 m to infinity
Exit Pupil 6 mm
Eye Relief 45 mm
Digital Zoom 1×, 2×, 4×, 8×
Detection Range (6’ object) 1200 m/yd / 2600 m/yd 1800 m/yd / 3000 m/yd
Display 0.39-inch, OLED, 1024×768
Palettes Black hot, White hot, Red hot, Fusion
Flat Field Correction Auto, Manual, External Correction
Scene Mode Cold, Warm
Boresight Adjustment Digital Controlled
Video/Audio Recording Yes
Image Capture Yes
Standby Mode Yes
Storage Built-in Built-in EMMC (16 GB)
Defective Pixel Correction Yes
WiFi Hotspot Yes
Hot Track Yes
Reticle 10 types, 4 colors, on/off
Distance Measurement Yes (Stadiametric)
Shot Activated Recording (SAR) Yes
Battery Type Replaceable and Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Battery Life (Operating, 20°C) ≥11 h (25°C, hotspot off) ≥ 8.5 h (25°C, hotspot off)
External Power Supply 5 VDC, 2 A, USB Type-C
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +55°C (-22°F to 131°F)
Protection Level IP67
Max. Recoil 1000 g/0.4 ms
Weight (w/o mount and battery) 0.75 kg (1.65 lb) 0.84 kg (1.85 lb)
Dimensions (w/o mount) 241 × 73 × 67 mm (9.5 × 2.9 × 2.6 in) 254 × 80 × 68 mm (10.0 × 3.1 × 2.7 in)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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