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Dual FOV Thermal Monocular

The ZOOM ZH38 thermal monocular boasts an easily switched dual field-of-view (FOV), plus Shutterless Calibration Technology and a full-color 1440×1080 HD OLED display. Detection range is over 2000 yards. Features include 640×480 12µm sensor, 50 Hz frame rate, 19/38 mm lens, 4X digital zoom, picture-in-picture, five imaging modes, onboard video/image recording, and Wi-Fi streaming/recording.

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Dual Field of View Thermal Monocular

The InfiRay ZOOM ZH38 is a dual FOV handheld thermal imager. It is also features Shutterless Calibration Technology (SCT), simplifying use and reduce power consumption.

iRay Zoom Dual-Field-of-View Comparison

With the ZOOM ZH38's patented dual field-of-view design, users can seamlessly switch between a wide field-of-view (FOV) for detection, and a narrow FOV for target identification. A simple, intuitive twist of the objective focus ring doubles the optical magnification while also maintaining 100 percent of the sensor’s native resolution. Digital zoom can’t do that.

Thermal monoculars have historically only been offered with a fixed field of view, which means the only way to zoom in and out is digitally through software, but zooming in also decreases thermal image resolution. Just one step of digital zoom on a 640x480 sensor degrades the thermal image resolution to 320x240, and the next step degrades it further to an abysmal 160x120.

Previously, the only way to have dual fields of view at full resolution has been to use two devices. The ZOOM ZH38's adjustable optical zoom feature solves the problem. Twist the focus ring to the right to zoom out and you get a 2X thermal image at 640x480 resolution; twist it to the left and you get a 4X thermal image still at 640x480 resolution!

Additionally, the ZOOM ZH38 monocular features a full-color 1440x1080 HD OLED display, working in tandem with its ultra-sensitive 12 µm 640x512 sensor and MATRIX III processing to create a remarkably flexible and eye-popping viewing experience. The detection range is an impressive 2150 yards.

Other features include: 50 Hz frame rate for smooth motion, stepped 4X digital zoom, five imaging modes, picture-in-picture, stadiametric rangefinder, 10 hour battery life, video/image recording, wireless connectivity (via app), and a 5 year warranty.

iRay Zoom Features

UPC 850029093565
Resolution 640×512
Pixel Size 12 μm
Spectral Response 8–12μm
Thermal Sensitivity <50mK NETD
Frame Rate 50hz
Image Processing MATRIX III
Core iRay Micro II 640
Objective Lens 19mm / 38mm
Objective F# 1.2
Optical Magnification 1X / 2X
Digital Zoom 4X, stepped
FOV 22.9° x 17.2° / 11.5° x 8.7°
Detection Range 2150 yds
Display Type FHD OLED
Display Resolution 1440×1080
Imaging Modes White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Color, Highlight
P.I.P. Yes
Rangefinder Stadiametric
Eye Relief 20mm
Diopter Range -5 – +5
Onboard Recording Video and Image
Wireless Connectivity Video / image via App
Data / Power Connector USB-C
Power Supply IBP-1 Li-Ion Battery Pack, 10 hours. USB-C external
Start Up Time < 10 Seconds, Instant from Standby
Size 7.48” x 2.55” x 2.36”
Weight 19.04 oz
Environmental / Warranty
Warranty 5 Years
Housing Material ABS
Ingress Protection IP67
Operation Tem -4°F to 122°F

InfiRay Outdoor is the leading global brand in outdoor and hunting related thermal imaging products. InfiRay Outdoor is sold worldwide in more than 90 countries and is on the cutting edge of thermal imaging device technology. With 48% of all employees working in the R&D department, Infiray Outdoor owns 645 patents related to thermal sensors and optics, and has a production capacity of 7M units per year.

In addition to substantial production capacity, InfiRay Outdoor has been first to market over the past five years with exciting new technological advancements in the industry including 1280×1024 resolution sensors, 12um, 10um, and 8um sensors, dual field-of-view optics, shutterless calibration technology, and much more. These advancements have positioned InfiRay Outdoor as the clear leader in the thermal night vision industry.