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The Pulsar Axion 2 is a highly sensitive thermal imaging monocular featuring enhanced image clarity and overall image detail. Even in adverse conditions, a man-sized object can be detected up to 1400 yards (XQ35 PRO) or 1900 yards (XG35) away. Images can be displayed in 8 different color palettes with variable magnification on the HD AMOLED display, or streamed to smart devices.

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The pocket-sized Pulsar Axion 2 thermal monocular detects heat signatures up to 1400 yards (XQ35 PRO) or 1900 yards (XG35) away, making it superior at scoping large areas and locating prey. Crisp 384x288 (XQ35 PRO) or 640x480 (XG35) thermal imagery is viewed on the 640x400 AMOLED display.

The Axion 2 also features built-in photo and video recording, Wi-Fi connectivity, a 16GB memory card, and variable magnification. Pulsar’s Stream Vision 2 app makes it easy for shooters to record, stream, and preserve their thermal experience.

Weighing under 13 ounces, the Axion 2 is lightweight but still rugged. A body made of high-quality reinforced magnesium alloy, plus IPX7 ingress protection, and operating temperatures from -13° F to 122° F make the monocular ready for virtually any kind of field operation. A Pulsar APS5 Li-ion battery provides up to 11 hours of operation with the XQ35 PRO or 7 hours with the XG35.

Feature Summary: 

  • 384x288 sensor
  • 1400 or 1900 yard detection range
  • 640x400 AMOLED display
  • Built-in photo and video recording
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and Stream Vision 2 app support
  • 8 color palettes
  • IPX7 Fully Waterproof

Enhanced image processing algorithms
Axion 2 thermal imaging devices use a new approach to image optimization to provide high-quality rendering of both target objects and background. Three levels of signal amplification in combination with an integral smoothing filter and fine brightness and contrast adjustments boost long-range detection of the animal or other target under different weather and temperature conditions.

High-quality reinforced magnesium alloy housing
Axion 2 monoculars are designed for constant, rugged use. A magnesium alloy housing is light and strong at the same time. The housing reliably protects the internal components of the thermal imaging device from shocks, drops, moisture, and heat or cold. At the same time, the housing effectively removes heat from electronics, minimizes image noise, and increases image consistency during long-term observation.

Long operation on a single charge
A high-capacity APS5 rechargeable battery provides up to 11 hours of continuous operation of the XQ35 PRO on a single charge, or up to 7 hours with the XG35. Swapping in a fresh battery takes just seconds. The battery is charged with a separate charger or inside the device from a PC, household power system, or power bank via USB-C. The same sources can be used as an external power supply.

Fast aperture lens
The germanium F35/1.0 lens features high infrared transmission in the LWIR range. Precision manufacturing of the optical elements in the lens contribute to clarity and detailing in the thermal images.

Long detection range
Axion 2 monoculars are equipped with a highly sensitive thermal sensor with either a resolution of 384x288 pixels (17 micron pixels) or 640x480 (12 micron pixels). This advanced sensor captures high quality thermal images under difficult observation conditions, including rain, fog, and high humidity. A standard 6 foot tall object can be detected up to 1400 yard (XQ35 PRO) or 1900 yards (XG35) away in complete darkness.

Built-in photo and video recorder
The built-in video recorder and 16 GB of internal memory can store hours of video and tens of thousands of photos. One touch of a button is enough to take a photo of an interesting scene or start recording video. The footage can be copied to a computer hard drive via a USB-C port. The user can also store up to 16 GB of video and photos in free cloud storage from Pulsar. Simply install the Stream Vision 2 mobile application, log in, and connect the device to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Variable magnification
Digital zoom provides improved focus and better overall object recognition at significant distances. The zoom changes either gradually in 2x steps or continuously for a truly optimum, customized field of view. The XQ35 PRO features magnification from 2x to 8x (4x zoom), and the XG35 goes from 2.5x to 20x (8x zoom).

Wide field of view
Axion 2 thermal monoculars are suitable for viewing wide areas, observing in motion, or to observe moving objects. The "Picture in Picture" function activates an additional window at the top of the display and displays the central area of the observed scene at increases magnification. This combination of a wide field of view and a detailed display of the selected object provides a full range of visual information.

A selection of 8 color palettes
A choice of 8 color palettes is provided to optimize the display for specific tasks, as well as react to changing observation conditions. White Hot, Black Hot, and Red Hot are optimal for object detection. Rainbow and Ultramarine help increase chances for recognition and identification. Red Monochrome, Sepia, and Violet are most suitable for long observation in the night.

Remote operation and updates through smartphone
Built-in Wi-Fi connects the Axion 2 to Android and iOS smartphones via the Stream Vision 2 mobile application. This facilitates software updates; real-time image transmission to a smartphone screen; remote control of Axion 2 functions; posting thermal photos and video on social media; plus access to the latest news from Pulsar. Also, registered users receive 16 GB of cloud storage for photos and videos recorded with the Axion 2.

Pocket-sized dimensions and lightweight
Axion 2 thermal monoculars have a space-saving and pocket-sized design, and weigh just over 12 ounces. The device is easy to grip and has a symmetrical design with an in-line button arrangement for easy operation with either hand.

High-contrast AMOLED display
A high-contrast VGA-resolution AMOLED display has improved color rendering, saves energy, and delivers quick-response. Images are sharp and smooth even under frosty conditions.

Fast start-up
Axion 2 monoculars are fully functional within 5 seconds after pressing the “On” button. Quick start-up helps save battery power. When hunting, the Axion 2 XQ doesn't need to be kept ready at all times. Simply turn it on when needed!

IPX7 Fully Waterproof
Axion 2 monoculars are IPX7 waterproof-rated for protection from heavy rainfall, snow, or other precipitation. The unit is designed to run flawlessly, even after submersion in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

General Info
MPN PL77501 PL77476
UPC 810119012333 812495029561
Type Uncooled
Resolution 384×288 640×480
Pixel pitch 17 µm 12µm
NETD <25 mK <40 mK
Frame rate 50 Hz
Objective lens F35/1.0
Magnification 2x–8x (x4 zoom) 2.5x–20x (8x zoom)
Field of view (HxV), degrees / m @ 100 m 10.7х8 / 18.2 12.5×9.4 / 21.9×16.4
Eye relief 14 mm
Diopter adjustment +4/-5 dptr
Resolution 640×400 1024×768
Range Performance
Detection range 1400 yds 1900 yds
Video Recorder
Video / photo resolution 528×400 1024×768
Video / photo format .mp4 / .jpg
Built-in memory 16 GB
Wireless Protocol Wi-Fi
Wireless Standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac
Frequency 2.4 / 5 GHz
Environmental Characteristics
Degree of protection (IEC60529) IPХ7
Operating temperature range -25 to +40 °С
Power Supply
Output voltage 3.0–4.2 V
Battery type APS 5 Li-ion Battery Pack
Capacity 4900 mAh
Operating time on battery pack 11 hrs at t=22° C 7 hrs at t=22° C
External power supply 5V, 9V (USB Type-C)
Weight & Size
Body material Magnesium alloy
Dimensions 152x50x75 mm
Weight 12.34 oz
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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