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NOX Thermal Sights from N-Vision are compact, fully functional thermal weapon sights that can also serve as a head-mounted monocular or a scanner. Built around a 640×480 12 micron BAE core with a 60Hz refresh rate, NOX sights are available with an 18mm or 35 mm lens for the best magnification and field of view combination, depending on your environment.

Starts at: $6,195.00


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NOX sights are designed and built in the USA using the best commercially available BAE thermal imaging cores and the highest grade optical components. The 640x480 12 micron core from BAE operates at 60 Hz for a crisp, clear image in a wide range of environments. The detection range is over 750 yards with the 18mm lens, and nearly 1500 yards with the 35mm lens.

NOX sights can be user-configured for the right or left eye, and can be dual-mounted with another NOX sight or with a night vision monocular, such as PVS-14. Weapon and/or dovetail mounts are removable to reduce the size and weight of the unit.

Each NOX sight ships with a standard CR123 battery and a rechargeable 18650 battery (and charger). Depending on ambient temperature, run time is up to an hour and a half with a standard CR123 battery, and from four to seven-plus hours with the rechargeable 18650 battery. For the ultimate power solution, NOX sights can be powered with an external USB battery bank via the provided USB-C cable.

Five highly ergonomic control buttons permit immediate access to frequently used functions (calibration, polarity, zoom, photo, power), as well as access to the user-friendly menu system for zeroing and/or customization of device parameters. This includes a standalone calibration button that provides the user with the ability to calibrate the unit with one hand in under one second.

Model NOX18 NOX35
Sensor Pixel Pitch 12 um
Resolution 640 x 480
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Lens 18mm F1.0 35mm F1.1
Focus Manual, non-rotating
Field of View 124.3(H) x 18.3(V); 30.4 (diagonal) 12.2(H) x 9.3(V); 15.1 (diagonal)
Magnification 1x 2.5x
Digital Zoom 1x/2x/4x/8x
Display Type OLED 640×480 B&W
Power One CR123 or one 18650
Remote power USB 5.0V
External connector Waterproof USB-C
Calibration (NUC) Manual
Weight, CR123 Battery 13.5 oz (w/o weapon mount)
16.9 oz (w/o weapon mount)
16 oz (w/weapon mount)
19.3 oz (w/weapon mount)
Weight, 18650 Battery 15.3 oz (w/o weapon mount)
18.7 oz (w/o weapon mount)
17.6 oz (w/weapon mount)
21.0 oz (w/weapon mount)
Size, CR123 Battery 5.0×2.9×2.4 (w/o weapon mount)
6.8×2.9×2.4 (w/o weapon mount)
5.0×2.9×3.0 (w/weapon mount)
6.8×2.9×3.0 (w/weapon mount)
Size, 18650 Battery 6.4×2.9×2.4 (w/o weapon mount)
6.8×2.9×2.4 (w/o weapon mount)
6.4×2.9×3.0 (w/weapon mount)
6.8×2.9×3.0 (w/weapon mount)
Detection range 753 yards 1,491 yards
Recognition range 267 yards 524 yards
Identification range 136 yards 270 yards

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