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Color Digital Night Vision Camera

The SIONYX Aurora is the world’s first color digital night vision camera. Our patented ultra low-light sensor technology empowers the viewer to see in full color down to 2 millilux or near moonless starlight conditions. The Aurora is one of our most advanced cameras and comes with an integrated compass, GPS, and accelerometer.



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The Gold Standard of Color Digital Night Vision

The SiOnyx Aurora is the world's first color digital night vision camera and the “gold standard” by which digital night vision is measured.

  • Patented ultra low light sensor technology empowers the viewer to see in full color in moonless starlight (2 mlx).
  • Detect a man-sized target at 150 meters in moonless starlight, well beyond what the unaided eye can see!
  • Data can be overlaid on the Aurora HD display for seamless navigation and situational awareness. Aurora comes with an integrated compass, GPS, and accelerometer. It also is capable of supporting augmented reality (AR).
  • Aurora is WiFi enabled, ready to stream color night vision directly from the camera to your Apple or Android phone or tablet via the SiOnyx app.
  • Aurora is weapon rated. Paired with the optional SiOnyx picatinny rail mount ($49.00), it has been tested on an M4, firing up to 4,000 rounds of .223 / 5.56.
  • Submersible to three feet for 30 minutes, Aurora has an IP67 rating for reliable performance rain or shine.
  • Aurora comes with one camera battery, a USB charging/data cable, lanyard, and a protective camera bag.
Man-Sized Target (at 1/4 Moon) 150m
Night Vision Capability < 2 mlx Moonless Starlight
Digital Magnification 1x–3x
Diopter Adjustment -4 to +4
Focus Range 0.3m to Infinity
Micro LED Resolution 1024×768
Eye Relief 7.5mm–20mm
Weight 274g
Visible Spectrum 400–1100nm
Water/Dust Resistance IP67
Impact Resistance 1m on Concrete
Temperature Range -20°C to +50°C
WiFi Enabled
Battery Life 2 Hours
Lens 16mm ƒ/1.4 (night), ƒ/2.0 (twilight), ƒ/5.6 (day)
Frame Rate 60 Hz
Video 720p .mov
Location Data Integrated GPS
Direction Data Integrated Compass
Metadata Time & Location
Weapons Rated .223 / 5.56
Weapon Mount Optional Picatinny Rail
Recoil-Activated Capture Integrated Accelerometer
Storage Capacity 32GB
Micro SD 32GB
Camera Battery Two included
Illuminator Battery Not included
USB Cable Included
Warranty 2 Years