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AMP Communication Headset Connectorized

The Ops-Core® Adaptive Mission Platform (AMP™) Communication Headset is an advanced communication headset that integrates seamlessly with Ops-Core® helmets to create the ideal lightweight headborne system for any mission and environment and was selected by United States Special Operations Command as part of the Communication Accessory Suite Land program and the Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements Family of Tactical Headborne Systems.

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For leading-edge tactical ear protection and unprecedented audio quality, choose the Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset. This advanced tactical communications headset integrates seamlessly with Ops-Core helmets and accessories to create a lightweight protective headborne system for any mission and environment.

AMP's unique 3D Hear-Through Technology and optional NFMI earplugs provide double hearing protection that restores and enhances natural hearing and sound localization while maintaining clear communication for enhanced situational awareness. With a noise-cancelling microphone that mitigates all background noise, AMP is the ideal communications headset to wear in any unpredictable combat environment.

This ergonomically designed headset can be configured to meet a wide range of tactical communications needs and delivers ear protection while providing optimal comfort and a streamlined profile. This noise-cancelling headset has a user-based design and can be easily adapted to either headband or helmet configurations, and the optional Rail Mount Kit increases helmet stabilization.

AMP features an integrated fixed downlead connection point and quick release downlead connection.


  • World Class Audio Quality and Tactical Ear Protection
  • CE approved EN 352
  • Berry Amendment compliant configurations available
  • 3D Hear-Through Technology
  • Double Hearing Protection with optional Ops-Core Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) Earplugs (sold separately for use with NFMI enabled headsets)
  • Mission Configurable Capability
  • Ergonomic Headband for low profile hearing protection
  • Quick Change Rail Mount Kit (sold separately)
  • Quick Release Downlead Connections
  • Noise-cancelling Headset/Microphone
  • Integrated Microphone Mounting and Connection Point
  • Ergonomic Earseals
  • Auto Shutdown
  • Fail-Safe Communications
  • Camo Skin Sets (sold separately)
Battery Run Time Up to 120 Hrs w/ Lithium Batteries @21°C
Battery Run Time w/
NFMI Engaged
Up to 80 Hours w/ Lithium Batteries @ 21°C
Salt Water Immersion IPX7
Environmental MIL-STD-810G
Operating Temperature -40°C to +55°C (-40°F to +131°F) w/ Lithium Batteries
Storage Temperature -40°C to +71°C (-40°F to +160°F)
EMI Testing Standards MIL-STD-461G
CE Certification EN352
Configuration Weight*
Headband Configuration 0.85 lbs (386 g)
NFMI Headband Configuration 0.92 lbs (419g)
Rail Mounted Configuration 0.94 Ibs (426g)
NFMI Rail Mounted Configuration 1.01 lbs (400g)
*Weights calculated with batteries
Noise Protection Ratings
  Headset alone Used with NFMI earplugs
NRR 22 dB 34 dB
SNA 27 dB 41 dB
H 31 dB 41 dB
M 23 dB 39 dB
L 19 dB 34 dB


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