Tactical: Gen 2+ Color Night Vision

All Aurora digital night vision cameras, except for the Sport, are rifle-rated at 4,000 rounds of .233 / 5.56 on an M4 platform. Add a 940nm laser or IR illuminator and there is nothing your rated Aurora can't do! Add a 1040nm light or laser and you’ll see things that Gen 3 White Phos cannot!

Gen 2 vs Aurora
Standard Gen 2 PVS14 (green) vs the Aurora color night vision camera. Bring it on!

Stonebreaker 2019
Aurora color night vision camera captures all the action at the Stonebreaker 2019 airsoft event in South Carolina.

PVS-14 vs SiOnyx Aurora
Comparing the PVS-14 to a SiOnyx Aurora. Full moon in farm land with laser pointer.

Aurora Rail Mount
Showing a quick disconnect rail mount for the SiOnyx Aurora, using a modified QD rail section along with a CNC machined Nylon camera interface to reduce recoil.

IR Laser with Aurora
Comparison of a few different infrared illuminators. The MAWL-C1+ and DBAL-A3 are both civilian lasers. The PSQ-18 is military surplus.

Shooting with Aurora
Shooting with the SiOnyx Aurora Sport mounted as a monocular, and recording shooters through it. "For the price, this camera is outstanding!"