Outdoor: Venture Deep Into the Night

Aurora digital night vision cameras are made for the hardcore outdoor adventurist. They're packed with essential features like a compass, GPS, and color night vision recording. When hazard-lovers take to the air, the mountains, or the water, they want to share their experiences. Aurora cameras allows pathfinders and adrenaline junkies alike to easily record, relive, and share their epic adventures with audiences far and wide..

24 Hours with Aurora
Life doesn't end when the sun goes down! All footage was provided by Dave Pavlina on his camping trip - our 'shot by our community' contest winner.

Twilight Comparison
Comparison (raw footage) between a very popular action camera and our Aurora Sport color night vision camera. This was taken 45 minutes after sunset.

Africa at Night
Our friends at Red35 Photography took Aurora out on their latest African adventure. Got some great nighttime video!