Hunting: Target with Vivid Clarity at Night

Whether you're chasing coyotes or hunting hogs, Aurora digital night vision cameras give you a huge advantage. Use yours as a handheld monocular, mount it on a tripod, or run it inline with your scope (excludes Sport model, which is not weapon rated).

For just $699, you can be up and running with a high-performance color night vision system that's easily interchangeable between your hunting rifles with the simple throw of a quick release lever. Pairing a rated Aurora camera with your red dot or magnified optic allows you to extend your hunt deep into the darkness, all without the need to re-zero your primary optic. Hit the record button and capture that epic shot!

Night Hog Hunt
See how Aurora helps ranchers in their efforts to eliminate the threat of feral hogs that destroy millions of $$ in crops each year.

Aurora as a Rifle Scope
Learn how to adapt a SiOnyx video camera for use as a night vision rifle scope.

Aurora Review
Aurora comparison against a Gen II+ NVD and how to set up a helmet for night vision use.