Digital vs Analog Night Vision

The Future Is Now

Woman in hunting camofaluge looking through a SiOnyx Aurora camera

It ain’t easy being green. Traditional “night vision” in shades of green is based on analog technology that has evolved to “Gen 3” devices that cost thousands of dollars. All analog night vision employs an image intensifier tube that collects a low level of light and electronically multiplies it to produce an image useful to human vision.

As sophisticated as analog night vision has become, though, it is being eclipsed by affordable digital technology that produces a color image from the dark. Some images are so good that they can be mistaken for a daylight photo!

Similar to digital cameras in high end smartphones, Aurora cameras from SiOnyx use a CMOS sensor, but with enhanced sensitivity in near infrared (NIR) wavelengths. Advanced processing of pixel data and subsequent display on a very high quality OLED display produces an image roughly comparable to the best “Gen 2” devices. There are two big differences:

  1. Digital night vision produces clear color images, not green ones.
  2. Digital night vision starts at just $599.

Keep in mind that digital night vision is just getting started and is destined for tremendous increases in performance, while analog night vision is already operating at the ragged edge of its capability. What GPS did to the compass, digital night vision will do to analog!

In fact, it’s already happening. Prepare to be blown away by how Aurora cameras from SiOnyx transform darkness into a vivid display of clear color night vision. From outdoor enthusiasts and hunters to law enforcement and other mission critical users, a whole new world awaits your exploration after the sun has set!

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Outdoors, Hunting, Boating, Search & Rescue, Surveillance, Tactical, Law Enforcement

Compare SiOnyx Aurora cameras

Comparison of a PVS-14 night vision camera versus a SiOnyx Aurora camera

PVS-14 Gen 3 vs Aurora
(full moon, IR laser pointer)

Comparison of a popular action camera versus a SiOnyx Aurora camera

Popular action camera vs Aurora
(45 minutes after sunset)

Comparison of an ordinary camera versus a SiOnyx Aurora camera

Ordinary camera vs Aurora
(Search and Rescue training)

Night rescue lift off seen through an SiOnyx Aurora camera

Night rescue lift-off
(Aurora image)