Predictive Maintenance Thermal Cameras

Predictive Maintenance

Thermal imaging, which detects small differences in temperature, in daylight or complete darkness and through smoke, dust, fog, and other obscurants, has become an important part of many predictive maintenance and quality assurance programs. Our thermal cameras can detect heat (or friction) in industrial processes, motor bearings, overheating transformers, and so on, as well as monitor energy losses from homes, commercial buildings, and other structures—before more costly repairs or remedies are needed.

The world's first full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera! 4800-pixel, high sensitivity detector. MSX® image clarity. Fully radiometric images. FLIR Tools software for streaming video, analysis, reports.
Thermal Imaging and Night Vision
FLIR T-Series Thermal Camera
Starts at $8,750.00
Superior thermal imaging. Up to 640x480 resolution. Best ergonomics & image performance for intensive IR inspections. Onboard digital camera, laser pointer, more.
Thermal Imaging and Night Vision
FLIR Ex-Series Infrared Camera
High performance thermal, visible, and MSX imaging. 80x60 to 320-x240 resolution (depending on model). Simple 1-button operation. Compact, lightweight, rugged.
Thermal Imaging and Night Vision
FLIR E-Series Thermal Camera
Starts at $3,995.00
160x120 to 320x240 resolution (depending on model). Visual camera. Touchscreen. Laser Pointer. Mobile apps. Compact, lightweight, easy to use. Rugged (IP54 rated).
Thermal Imaging and Night Vision


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