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Proton FXQ30
Thermal Imaging Front Attachment

Quickly convert your regular day scope into and advanced thermal sight, with no need for rezeroing! The Proton FXQ30 works with most popular scopes and detects man-sized targets at up to 985 yards. The highly sensitive thermal sensor and AMOLED display produce crisp images with high contrast and rich detail. A built-in video recorder captures your sessions, which can also be streamed to smart devices.



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Transform your day scope into an advanced thermal sight!
As soon as the sun sets, the time comes for the Pulsar Proton FXQ30. With this compact thermal front attachment, it takes minimum effort to transform your day scope into a full featured thermal sight, with no need for additional zeroing.

Lightweight and compact
Every ounce counts when you’re in the field. With the lightweight and compact Proton FXQ30, you retain the rifle-and-scope balance you are used to.

Maintain zeroing
The Proton FXQ30 is quickly and easily attached in front of the day scope with the help of the Pulsar’s PSP (Precise Screen Positioning) adapter. The PSP adapter ensures that the thermal image is ideally centered within the scope’s field of view. After mounting and adjusting the Proton FXQ30 for the first time, you don’t need to adjust it again!

Works with popular scopes
The Proton FXQ30 works best with 1.5–4x magnification and, with the PSP-adapter, you can attach it to scopes with a lens diameter between 40mm and 56mm. This means you can use Proton with most popular scopes, such as: 1.5–6x42, 2–8x42, 3–9x40, 2–12x50, 3–12x56.

Use as an observation scope
Several seconds and 5x30B Pulsar monocular - all that is needed to take Proton FXQ off the riflescope and turn it into a thermal imaging spotter with 5x magnification. 5x30B monocular can be easily connected with Proton by means of bayonet connector. PSP adaptor used for mounting Proton on day optics can remain attached to Proton when paired with Pulsar 5x30 monocular. In the field it ensures fast and easy transformation of Proton FXQ30 from attachment into spotter and back.

Designed for ease of use
The Proton’s modern thermal objective lens does not require focusing. Both target and background will be in focus as close as 50 feet away. All control buttons are within easy reach on this compact device. The sequential layout of optical and electronic components provide precise sight alignment and ultra-easy adjustability. The Proton FXQ30 can also be operated via the optional Bluetooth remote control. Just attach it to the gunstock and bypass the manual buttons.

Premium functionality
Despite its small size, the Proton FXQ30 houses premium class components and functionalities:

Highly sensitive 384x288 px @ 17µ sensor with NETD <40 mK. The smallest temperature differences will be clearly seen, even in difficult conditions such as rain, fog, or cold mornings.

Recoil Rated up to .375 H&H, 12-Gauge and 9.3x64
Recoil rated up to 6,000 joules for flawless performance on larger calibers up to .375 H&H, 12-gauge and 9.3x64.

Shock proof magnesium alloy body with waterproof rating of IPX7 and recoil rated up to .375 H&H, 12-Gauge and 9.3x64. Increased structural rigidity reduces vibrations during the shot and leads to enhanced ballistics while properties of magnesium alloy help to ensure better heat dissipation.

Built-in photo and video recorder with 16 GB memory. One press of the REC button captures footage that can be shared easily with colleagues, friends, and family. 16 GB of internal memory provide many hours of recorded video and tons of photos. Recorded files can be later downloaded to PC or smartphone.

High Contrast AMOLED Display. AMOLED technology ensures flawless, fluid, high-resolution imaging and power saving. This high quality display delivers a crisp, richly contrasted, and vivid field of view.

Image Detail Boost Function. Pulsar’s proprietary Image Boost technology uses software algorithms to increase imaging clarity and overall image detail. Image Boost results in a sharper, more detailed field of view and enhanced object identification capabilities.

Image showing available color palettes

8 Color Palettes. The 8-color palette enhances viewing in varying conditions. While the classic White Hot mode is exceptionally versatile, Hot Black is often favored for detecting wildlife at night. Red Monochrome helps to reduce or prevent bright backlight from exiting the eyepiece. Sepia often improves long-range observation, while Red Hot, Rainbow, and Ultramarine enhance temperature differences of various object attributes. Violet helps to identify objects faster.

Connect with IOS and Android devices
The built in Wi-Fi module provides connectivity of the Proton FXQ30 with Android or iOS smartphones and tablets via the free Stream Vision app. This offers features such as live image streaming to smart devices, transfer and sharing of stored photos and videos, remote control of the Proton FXQ30 settings, firmware updates, and more.

Quick-change APS 5 battery system. The quick-change high capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery offers up to 6 hours of operation time on single charge. Fast and easy battery replacement ensures continuous observation without disruptions. An ordinary power bank connected via USB Type-C can be used as an external power source.

Wide range of operating temperatures. The housing, power unit, optics, and electronics of the Proton FXQ30 continue to operate normally in a wide range of temperatures, from freezing cold to ultra warm (-25° C to +50 °С).

PX7 Fully Waterproof
The Proton FXQ30 is IPX7 waterproof-rated for protection from heavy rainfall, snow, or other precipitation. It runs flawlessly, even after submersion in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Included Accessories

  • PSP - 42mm Ring Adapter
  • PSP - 50mm Rind Adapter
  • PSP - V Weaver Rail Mount