Thermal-Eye TSC4500

Price: $5,395.00 — $6,494.00

The TSC4500 (Thermal Security Camera) sees through complete darkness and through fog, smoke, dust, and other obscurants that block other kinds of cameras. It provides advanced image processing with low noise to ensure better target recognition and longer stand-off range. Using Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer technology, this TSC contains a 4500AScore that provides 320 x 240 picture resolution. And its 30 micron detector provides a real-time frame rate of 30Hz.


  • Long-range perimeter surveillance for borders, harbors, waterfronts, and airfields
  • Medium-range facility surveillance for power plants and public utility facilities
  • Wide-angle security surveillance for gated entrances and equipment storage

Thermal-Eye TSC4500 thermal camera long-range surveillance image

Long-range plant surveillance

Thermal-Eye TSC4500 thermal camera medium-range surveillance image

Medium-range plant surveillance

Camera Features

  • Uses proven Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer detector technology and provides 320 x 240 resolution
  • Watertight to IP67 rating
  • Select optics provide detection of human activity at up to 3,300 feet
  • Equipped with a serial data port for camera diagnostics
  • Fully RoHS-compliant for improved exportability and available with 9Hz frame rate
  • Three field of view (FOV) alternatives provide user’s desired detection range
  • Full visibility in total darkness and when smoke, fog or haze is present
  • No lighting or infrared illumination required to view image
  • Compatible with intelligent video analytics software
  • Fits in Pelco enclosures 2500, 3700, and 4700 series

Thermal-Eye TSC4500 Accessories

  • White Solar Shroud
  • Interface cables – 3ft, 15ft, or 30ft long
  • Breakout Interface Cable Assembly
  • 24VAC/12VDC Converter
  • Window Kit – Standard or High Performance

Thermal-Eye TSC4500 Specifications

Thermal-Eye TSC4500 Thermal Camera Specifications

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