SKEETIR®x Micro Thermal Monocular

Price: $18,779.86


The SKEETIR®x thermal weapon sight is a credit-card size thermal monocular that displays a 640×480 (Detector) resolution using a single CR123 battery.

Applications include:

  • Covertly finding and locating objects without visible light
  • First responder land & water, search & rescue, and fugitive pursuit and apprehension
  • Officer safety and protection
  • Hot spot and disturbed surface detection
  • Crime scene investigations

The SKEETIR®x weapon sight is part of the OASYS thermal imaging product family. It is optically and electronically optimized, surpassing current systems by no small margin. With an operational runtime of more than two hours and a system weight of 9 ounces, the SKEETIR®x sight exceeds competitive products’ specifications and performance. A simple menu function featuring a single button press allows for essential operation of the SKEETIR®x sight, eliminating the need to remember locations on the device for different functions while operating the system in darkness. Features such as inherent weapons use and user selectable electronic reticles support wide ranging mission with clear definition.

Features & Benefits

  • Versatility to support a wide range of missions
  • Superior image quality
  • The smallest thermal monocular available in the market
  • Hosts a laser pointer in either the visible or infrared configuration
  • Ruggedized design with intuitive menu operation
  • RS-170 video output
  • Weapon mountable
  • Seamless operational transition from observation to a targeting device

SKEETIR®x Specifications

Weight and Dimensions
Weight 9 oz (0.26 kg) without battery
Length 4.0 in (102 mm) (w/o lens cover or eyecups)
Width 2.4 in (61 mm)
Height 1.7 in (44 mm)
Power source (1) CR 123 lithium battery or USB Outlet
Power up 3 seconds
Battery operating life @25°c 2.0 hrs @ 60 Hz
Operating temp -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60 °C)
Storage temp -40°F (-40°C) to 160°F (71 °C)
Immersion Tested at 33 ft for 2 hours
Climatic zones Hot, basic
Imaging Characteristics
Optical focus Manual
Diopter adjust Manual
Optical magnification 1X
Digital magnification .5X and 2X
Field of view 28° diagonal (22° horizontal x 16° vertical)
Optical co-use Unity up to ≤ 5x
Minimum focus distance 500 mm
Range 80% positive (60 Hz), 0.75m2 size targe
Detect 910 m
IR Camera
Sensor Un-cooled microbolometer
Wavelength 8-12 μm
Pixel pitch 17 μm
Pixel format 640 x 480 array
Refresh rate 30/60 Hz dual mode
Nedt < 50 mK @F/1
Color Monochrome
Size 640 x 480
Eye relief 20 mm
Diopter adjustment +/- 2.0 diopters
Digital magnetic compass Yes
Visible laser pointer Red
Class 3R
Power level 4.7 mW
Wavelength 625-645 nm
IR laser pointer
Class 1
Power level 0.7 mW
Wavelength 820-850 nm
Image Storage
Capability 100 snapshots
Image format 8-bit uncompressed bitmap
Weapon mount M1913 Milspec
Light guard Eyecup
*Disclaimer: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

SKEETIR®x Part Numbers

Part Number Description
19022-0000-01 SKEETIR®x -Series (red laser)
19022-0000-02 SKEETIR®x Series (IR laser)
8500873-1 SKEETIR®x, 17 um detector, Red Laser, with standard accessory kit
8500874-1 SKEETIR®x, 17 um detector, IR Laser, with standard accessory kit
8500875-1 SKEETIR®x, 17 um detector, No Laser, with standard accessory kit
55900G03 Flip mount w/lanyard
BA80E BNC coupler
9102-4100 7 Pin Lemo to USB cable
9102-4101 7 Pin Lemo to BNC cable
9106-0024-01 Lanyard assembly, 36 in BLK
A3144422 Eye cup
BATT-123 Lithium 3V battery
9106-7004 Quick reference guide
9102-5004 Install software
9106-7006 SKEETIR®x manual
19022-0012 3X expander (optional)


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