REAP-IR™ Mini Thermal Sight

Price: $7,899.00 — $7,999.00

The REAP-IR Mini Thermal Sight combines all the features and performance of the IR HUNTER Mark Ill thermal sight with the compact size and light weight of the IR PATROL thermal monocular. The REAP-IR truly is the best of both systems!

The small tactical package makes the REAP-IR ideal for special operations, tactical teams, and border security. This thermal weapon sight fits perfectly on a tactical rifle!.

REAP-IR Features & Benefits

12 Micron Technology

12 Micron Technology
The REAP-IR system is powered by the new BAE Systems MicroIR thermal core that uses the latest 12 micron sensors for 50% greater magnification than with a 17 micron sensor using the same lens. The 60 Hz fast frame rate system helps with leading a shot of a fast moving target.

12° FOV GASIR lens
The 12 degree field-of-view GASIR lens provides a 17% advantage in lens transmission, capturing more detail and information and providing better overall image quality.

Lens Image

Optical Magnification & Digital eZoom
The REAP-IR has 2.5x optical magnification, plus quick digital eZoom up to 8x. Together with the advanced built-in sighting system, this enables the reticle to maintain boresight and even increase MOA.

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Digital OLED Display
The Emagin VGA digital 640×480 OLED is a pixel to pixel match with the sensor. This provides a perfectly clear and sharp image with the 1: 1 match as there is no upsizing or downsizing that can degrade image quality.

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Edge Detect Tactical Mode
Edge Detect mode that provides an entirely new way to view the target, at a fraction of the brightness of other modes to minimize or eliminate night blindness from the screen.

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MaxPol Polarity Control
Easily switch between 3 levels of White Hot and 3 levels of Black Hot for much better viewing control than typical single level systems.

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Detailed Reticles
Powerful digital processing generates sharp and clear reticles and symbols with MOA accuracy. Up to 5 different reticle patterns assure a good match for nearly any application.

Reticle Position Digital Readout
The current reticle position, including the number of clicks it has been adjusted, is displayed on the REAP-IR screen. This information not only helps with sighting, it is also useful for the advanced shooter who requires ballistic calculations in the field. Multiple reticle save locations allow mounting the sight on different weapons while retaining the reticle position for each.

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Stadiametric Range Finder
the integrated Stadiametric range finder is used to quickly determine distance to the target. Just set the range units and target size, then adjust the range marks to the target and the distance is displayed on the REAP-IR screen.

Image Capture & Video Download
Export what the REAP-IR sees to external computers and displays. (Video cable or video/download cable required.) For reliability and durability in harsh environments, Fischer high end connectors are used, rather than the low cost alternatives used in other scopes.

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Thumb Stick System Controller
The REAP-IR comes standard with a fully ruggedized weather proof multi direction Thumb stick control. The large, easy-to-find-in-the-dark control surpasses the conventional buttons on most other thermal systems.

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The compact, patented MINI D-LOC Mount comes standard with the REAP-IR. This mount has one of the best repeatability standards in the industry and is delivered in a small lightweight footprint.

Clip-On Mode

Clip-On Mode
The REAP-IR comes ready to be either a dedicated thermal mini sight or a mini clip-on sight. Use the standard D-LOC mount or the optional Wilcox Flip Mount (which is easy to quickly attach and detach).

Made in USA
The REAP-IR is American built by Trijicon to Mil. Spec standards and is highly dependent on U.S. sourced parts and components. It has a three year warranty and comes in a complete kit (see below).

REAP-IR Specifications

Sensor Specifications
Sensor Type BAE MicroIR VOx Uncooled Microbolometer
Sensor Resolution 640×480 (actual 640×480) 307,200 pixels
Spectral Response 8–12 μm
Pixel Pitch 12 μm
Sensitivity <50 mK
Frame Rate 60 Hz with a 30 Hz Power Save Mode
Calibration NUC (Non Uniformity Correction)
Optical Specifications
Lens Type GASIR
Lens Coating DLC Coating
Focal Length 35mm
F/# f/1.14
Transmission 87%
Eye Relief 27mm
Diopter -6 / +4
Display Specifications
Type Emagin OLED Monochrome Display
Resolution VGA 640×480
Output 10 bit Digital Monochrome
Contrast >10,000:1
Frame Rate 60 Hz / 30 Hz Selectable
System Specifications
Magnification 2.5x optical 20x digital (640×480 35mm)
Field of View 12° optical 1.5° digital (640×480 35mm)
Dimensions 6.50" L x 3.00" H x 2.95" W
Weight >590 grams
Start Up Time >5 Seconds
Operating Temperature -40C to +55C
Storage Tempearature -45C to +75C
System Features
User Interface Thumb Stick Controller
Range Finder Stadiametric
Weapon Mount Mini D-LOC Picatinny Rail Mount
Electronic Zoom Up to 8X Zoom
Image Processing Features MaxPOL — 3 Level White Hot / Black Hot Polarity
DCE — Digital Contrast Enhancement
DFC — Digital Focus Control
Edge Detection Mode
ETR — Enhanced Target R
Reticle Features Simple and Complex Reticles (5 patterns)
Calibrated MOA Adjustments (windage and elevation)
Digital Read-Outs
4 Save Locations for Reticle Position
Flip-up Lens Cap Included
Battery Extender Included
Image Capture With optional cable
Video Output Analog RS-170 NTSC with optional cable
Power Specifications
Battery Type 1 each CR123 3 Volt
2 each with Battery Extender
Battery Life 1 Battery: 1.5 Hours @ 60 Hz
1 Battery: 2 Hours @ 30 Hz
2 Batteries: 3.5 Hours @ 60 Hz
2 Batteries: 5 Hours @ 30 Hz
*Disclaimer: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


It is the responsiblity of the buyer to comply with the export control laws and regulations of the United States Government and to obtain export licenses if required.