IR HUNTER™ MARK II Thermal Sight

Price: $5,699.00 — $6,999.00

The IR HUNTER MARK II, much like its predecessor the IR HUNTER, is designed and built to be the perfect dedicated thermal weapon sight. At the same time, it can be used in various other applications, including as a clip-on sight, in a tactical system, and alone as a handheld imager.

Unlike the IR HUNTER, the MARK II, is powered by the new BAE Systems MicroIR thermal core, which uses the latest 12 micron sensors to provide a 50% increase in magnification in a compact, military grade package. The new sensors also draw less power, which helps extend battery life.

Resolution is a crisp 640×480, and the state-of-the-art processor passes a fully digital RGB signal with a smooth 60 Hz frame rate to the Emagin VGA 640×480 OLED display. This ensures a perfect pixel-for-pixel match with the sensor, providing a perfectly clear and sharp image with no upsizing or downsizing needed. Competing systems often cut costs by using analog displays.

The processing power of the IR HUNTER MARK II generates detailed reticles and symbols with MOA accuracy that are easy on the eyes, even after hours of viewing. Simply sight in and quickly make the ballistic corrections the shot demands! Adding to the ease of use and accuracy, the MARK II employs turret knobs instead of buttons. Using this thermal sight is as familiar as using your day sight!

The highly desired and patented LaRue LT681 QD Mount is standard. This mount is 100% made in the USA and proven in combat. Dual throw levers for even greater accuracy and reliability are available as an option. The system also works as a clip-on out of the box, with no accessory required for a selection of 1x, 1–4x, and 1–6x day optics (ask for approved optics list).

The IR HUNTER MARK II is available in two models:

  • The IRHM2-640-19 has a 19 mm lens which provides a 22 degree field of view and magnification from 1.5x to 12x.
  • The IRHM2-640-35 has a 35 mm lens which provides a 12 degree field of view and magnification from 2.5x to 20x.

The IR HUNTER MARK II is American built by Trijicon to MIL-SPEC standards and is highly dependent on U.S. sourced parts and components. It has a three year warranty and comes in a complete kit (see below).

Selected Features & Benefits

640×480 Resolution
Higher resolution shows more detail, so we use a state-of-the-art 640×480 sensor and pass the fully digital RGB signal to a 640×480 OLED display, maintaining a crisp 1:1 pixel ratio.

640x480 Resolution

Digital electronic zooming lets you achieve various magnifications quickly and with the advanced built-in sighting system, the reticle will maintain boresight and even increase its MOA accuracy.
(ezoom inline image)


Intelligent Reticles
Digitally generated, MOA calibrated reticles work like first focal plane reticles. As you use the digital zoom, the image size increases along with the reticle, maintaining a 1:1 pixel ratio to the display for a sharp, clear image at all times. Optional multiple colors (GREEN, RED, and AUTO).

Sighting Screen

Reticle Screen

Sighting Screen

TCR Reticle

TSR Reticle

TCR Reticle

DFC — Digital Focus Control
DFC lets you focus your image to an optimum setting and sharpen the overall picture.

Digital Focus Control

MaxPol Polarity Control
Easily switch between three levels of White Hot and three levels of Black Hot, giving you much better viewing control than typical single level systems.

MaxPol Polarity Control

ETR — Enhanced Target Recognition
Corrects a problem with thermal sights when viewing a scene with the sky or horizon in the background. The cold sky causes gain and contrast settings in the sensor to wash out the image. With ETR enabled, gain and contrast are limited to the image area within a yellow target box.

Enhanced Target Recognition

Color Modes
A wide range of 10 color palettes lets you display temperature differences in varying colors. This lets you pick a color palette that makes certain objects pop out at you.

Color Modes

Germanium Lens
The objective front lens assembly uses only the best materials available. The AR coated germanium lens is also DLC hard carbon coated, thermally stabilized (athermalized), and shock resistant. The entire assembly is engineered for high environmental durability and includes a replaceable, highly transmissive IR window in front of the lens for protection.

Germanium Lens

MOA Accuracy Turret Knobs
Your day sight has them, so the IR HUNTER MARK II uses turret knobs, too. When you’re out there in the dark and under pressure, you’ll know how to operate your thermal sight with just as much ease and familiarity as your day sight.

MOA Accuracy Turret Knobs

Image Capture & Video Download
Export what the sight sees to external computers and displays. (Video cable or video/download cable required.) For reliability and durability in harsh environments, Fisc her high end connectors are used, rather than the low cost alternatives used in other scopes.

mage Capture and Video Download

Included Kit Includes

Part Part No.
IR HUNTER MARK II Thermal Sight IRHM2-640-19 or IRHM2-640-35
LaRue Tactical LT681 Mount IRDMNT-L681
Shuttered Eyeguard IRDTWS-3207
Tactical Soft Case, Black IRDTWS-9923
QRG Quick Reference Guide IRDTWS-9926
CR123A Lithium Batteries (2) IRDPRT-9123


Part Part No.
3’ Video Cable IRDACC-9701
3’ Video/Download Cable IRDACC-9704
iPhone 5 Adaptor IRDACC-9921

IR HUNTER MARK II Specifications

Model IHRM2-640-20 IHRM2-640-35
Sensor Specifications
Sensor Type BAE MicroIR VOx Uncooled Microbolometer
Sensor Resolution 640×480 (actual 640×480) 307,200 pixels
SpectralL Band 8 – 12 μm
Pixel Pitch 12 μm
Sensitivity <50 mK
Frame Rate 60HZ Standard (30HZ Power Save Mode)
Calibration NUC (Non Uniformity Correction)
Optical Specifications
Lens Type Germanium
IR Window Germanium with Protective DLC Coating
Focal Length 19mm 35mm
F/# f/1.1 19mm f/1.2 35mm
Transmission 88% 19mm 92% 35mm
Eye Relief 2.00"
Diopter -6 / +4
Display Specifications
Type Emagin OLED Monochrome Display
Resolution VGA 640×480
Output 10 bit Digital Monochrome
Contrast >10,000:1
Frame Rate 60HZ / 30HZ Selectable
System Specifications
Magnification 640×480 19mm – 1.5x optical 12x digital 640×480 35mm – 2.5x optical 20x digital
Field of View 640×480 19mm – 22° optical 3° digital 640×480 35mm – 12° optical 1.5° digital
Dimensions 6.5" L x 2.9" H x 3.1" W 7.4" L x 2.9" H x 3.1" W
Weight >825 grams >990 grams
Start Up Time >4 Seconds
Feature Specifications
Reticle Type Digital System
Reticle Selection 3 types
Reticle Adjustment Calibrated MOA (in both windage and elevation)
Reticle Colors Auto White / Black
Turret Knobs Mechanical Adjusters (MOA Calibrated)
Polarity MaxPOL White Hot / Black Hot
Edge Detect Edge Detection Mode
Video Output RS-170 NTSC Analog Video (Special Cable required)
DFC – Digital Focus Enhances and Sharpens Imagery
Electronic Zoom Up to 8X Zoom (Depending on System)
ETR – Enhanced Target Recognition Target Enhancment Software
Image Capture Image Capture (special cable needed to download)
*Disclaimer: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


It is the responsiblity of the buyer to comply with the export control laws and regulations of the United States Government and to obtain export licenses if required.