FLIR ThermoSight™ T70

Price: $14,900.00

The FLIR ThermoSight™ T70, which was selected for the USSOCOM Special Operations Peculiar MODification (SOPMOD), is now available to the law enforcement community. The T70 is an in-line, clip-on thermal weapon sight that utilizes a proven 640×480, 17µm detector and is effective on all weapons from carbines to .50 cal semi-automatic and bolt action sniper rifles. FLIR’s proprietary Shock Mitigation System™ maximizes system life and reduces recoil by 10x, even when used on high-shock weapons.

The T70’s long-wave infrared imagery is optimized for day scope magnification between 1x and 8x. Rugged, small, and lightweight, this high performance thermal imaging system doubles as a portable reconnaissance scope. The T70 uses either AA or CR123 batteries, which can be hot swapped in any orientation.

Features & Benefits

  • Crisp imagery in complete darkness. Also “sees” through fog, smoke, dust, and many other obscurants, day or night.
  • Multi-use design. Optimized as a direct view thermal sight. Can be used in front of a day optics as a clip-on, rail mounted thermal weapon sight. Is compatible with all combat optics and is rapidly adaptable to most weapons platforms. Accurate in direct view and clip-on modes. Designed to interface with scopes such as the Trijicon ACOG for the M-4, M-16, and similar weapons.
  • Longwave thermal imaging sensor. Provides crisp imagery daylight through total darkness, fog, smoke, dust, and most obscurants.
  • In-line configuration. Low profile minimizes height above rail, reducing interference with other devices and snag hazards.
  • Ergonomic user interfaces. Allows operators to keep positive control of the weapon’s aimpoint while adjusting the sight.
  • Easy to use quick detach locking throw lever. Compatible with any MIL-SRD-1913 Picatinny rail system.
  • Multiple Control Options. A mini-joystick placed at the operator’s thumb when supporting the weapon under the handguard or at a user selected location via a wired remote control pad allows operators to control the sight and adjust the IR image without changing their hand positions.
  • Adjustable magnification. Wide field for increased situational awareness and narrow field for identification and targeting. All compatible with standard day optical sights.
  • Three zoom capabilities: 1X, 2X, and 0.5X. LR: Native FOV compliments standard RCOs.
  • Bellows eye cup. Ensures covert handheld operation by eliminating illumination of the operator by the viewfinder. (Removed for in-line rail mounting with day optics.)
  • Rugged, small, and lightweight. Minimizes impact on host weapon and reduces operator fatigue. Designed for extreme operating environments and tested to withstand thousands of rounds of rapid fire gun shock.
  • Accepts multiple battery types. AA or CR123 (hot swappable in any orientation). No downtime, never have to turn the unit off.
  • It’s all FLIR inside. FLIR controls the entire supply chain of the critical technology inside the T70 ensuring fast service and long term support.

T70 ThermoSight Specifications

Thermal Imaging Performance (640 x 512)
Sensor Type 640 x 512 17μ VOx microbolometer
Field of View (Sensor) 9.4°∆(H) x 7.5˚ (V)
Spectral Band (Display) 9.4°∆(H) x 7.5˚ (V)
Magnification Options 1x, 2x and 4x
Spectral Band 7.5-13.5 μm
System Features
Silent Operation Inaudible beyond 1 m
Bore Sight Retention Holds bore sight through extensive rounds of firing on a variety of weapon platforms
Video RS-170 external video out (NTSC or PAL)
Power Requirements 2 or 3AA (lithium or alkaline) OR 1 or 2 DL 123 batteries (installed in any orientation)
Battery Life Approximately 6 hours continuous use with 3AA lithium
Power Rail Compatible Accepts external power
IP Rating IP 68 (20 ft. freshwater, 6 hr; 66 ft seawater, 2 hrs)
Operating Temp -40°∆C to +49°∆C (-40°∆F to +120°∆F)
Storage Temp -40°∆C to +71°∆C (-40°∆F to +160°∆F)
Shock and Vibe Per MIL-STD-810F
Dimensions, Weight & Mounting
Dimensions 6.8” L x 2.8” W x 3.5” H (172.72mm L x 71.12mm W x 88.9mm H)
Weight 1.5lbs (0.69k) with batteries and mounting hardware
Mounting Compatible with any Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny Rail System
Command and Control Joystick: Palette, Polarity, Zoom, Digital Detail Enhancement Brightness/Contrast Windage/Elevation, and Menu
Menu: Calibration, Display, Mode (Clip-on), Weapon, External Video, and Laser (On/Off)
T70 with adjustable quick detach throw lever mount, coupling light shroud / eye relief, video output cable, remote control pad, batteries, operators manual, graphic training aid, lens cleaning kit, and soft carrying case
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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