FLIR SR-Series

Price: $4,999.00 — $17,995.00

The SR-19 is a standard resolution (320×240 pixel array), 19mm thermal security camera available for under $5,000. Its wide 36° field-of-view provides excellent situational awareness, and a composite video output makes legacy network installations easy. Like all FLIR products, the SR-19 is a passive thermal imaging system that views long-wave thermal energy, sensing the heat of objects and people in a scene. The SR-19 needs no active illumination, and it can detect a man-sized threat at ranges beyond 1,000 feet.

The SR-35, SR-50, and SR-100 comprise a family of rugged, medium- to long-range thermal security cameras with fields-of-view ranging from 20° (SR-35) to 7° (SR-100). They have 35mm, 50mm and 100mm lenses, respectively, and a 2x E-Zoom function. The SR-100 is Pelco D compatible, supports RS-232 and -422 interfaces, and integrators can insert all SR-Series cameras into existing networks or use them as portable, stand alone, camera solutions.

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