FLIR Scout TS-Series

Price: $3,149.00 — $8,929.00

The TS-Series is the original FLIR Scout and continues to provide unparalleled field performance and value along with excellent image quality. An expanded array of six models with differing resolutions and optical performance, field-swappable batteries, and an available image and video capture option make the TS-Series perfect for expedition leaders, wildlife management professionals, and ranchers. For law enforcement, the TS-Series can provide a perfect balance of cost and capability.

The Scout-TS employs the same advanced technology used in more costly military and law enforcement thermal imagers. This powerful personal thermal imaging camera creates video images from heat, not light, and displays what it “sees” on its built‐in LCD eyepiece so you can experience the world as it happens, day or night. Tracking game in a heavily forested area? The TS24 lets you see in the dark and through light foliage and camouflage up to 350 yards out. Monitoring a herd? Perhaps the TS32r Pro is your best option, so you can observe from more than a half-mile away. Contact us to help determine the best model for your needs and budget.

It’s all-around capability makes the Scout-TS a versatile reconnaissance and security tool. These are just some of its uses:

  • Guide and See at Night
  • Track and Stay Safe
  • Search as a Volunteer
  • Explore the Wild
  • Identify Uninvited Guests
  • Locate the Herd
  • Navigate with Confidence
  • Guard Your Safety

When you want a thermal camera that’s easy to pack, easy to use, and delivers a high-quality thermal image you can rely on, the FLIR TS-Series of thermal night vision cameras is your ideal choice.

Scout TS-Series Features

  • Small, rugged, and ergonomic
  • Easy push-button operation: power, recording,* zooming,* brightness, polarity
  • Weighs less than a pound and a half
  • Two resolution/detector options: Choose from a crisp 240 x 180 resolution image or the even more astonishing 320 x 240 resolution
  • Multiple lens options: Choose from a model with a 19 mm lens (24 degree field of view) and optional 2× optical extender or the longer range model equipped with a 65 mm lens (7 degree field of view)
  • Shuttered eyepiece seals light in the viewfinder so you won’t alert animals or other targets to your location
  • Rugged all-weather design is built to withstand the demands of day-in, day-out rugged outdoor use
  • Field-swappable AA batteries plus Power In/Charging,
  • RCA video out via standard hot shoe attachment
  • Three selectable display palettes (white hot, black hot, and Instalert™ detection)
  • SD card slot for storing still images and video on a removable SD card*
  • USB2 connection allows rapid transfer of still images and video to a PC*

*Pro models only

Thermal Imaging Versus Flashlight Comparison

Flashlights only illuminate a small area, plus they give away your position. Scout TS-Series imagers let you see clearly in total darkness while staying covert. Click for more images and videos.

Thermal Imaging Versus Night Vision Comparison

Image intensified night vision scopes can’t help you see things that are camouflaged or that have low visible contrast. Scout TS-Series imagers cameras don’t saddle you with any of these limitations. Click for more images and videos.

FLIR Scout TS-Series selectable display palettes

Selectable display palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, and Instalert™. A FLIR exclusive, Instalert highlights specific temperature ranges with a red-yellow gradient to make it even easier to detect animals, people, and other hot objects in the scene.

Range Performance (click to enlarge)

Range Performance Chart

FLIR Scout TS-Series Specifications

System TS24 / TS24 Pro TS32 / TS32 Pro TS32r / TS32r Pro
Lens Option 19 mm/2x Extender (opt.) 19 mm/2x Extender (opt.) 65 mm
Resolution 240 x 180 320 x 240 320 x 240
Size (L x W x H) 9.36” x 3.33” x 2.62” 9.36” x 3.33” x 2.62” 10.96” x 3.33” x 2.69”
Weight (w/o lens) 1.59 lb 1.59 lb 2.17 lb
Operating Temp. 32˚F to 122˚F
(0˚C to 50˚C)
-4˚F to 140˚F
(-20˚C to 60˚C)
-4˚F to 140˚F
(-20˚C to 60˚C)
Image Presentation
Polarity White Hot, Black Hot, InstAlert™
Freeze Frame Not avaliable with Pro models
Video Output
(9 Hz refresh rate)
NTSC or PAL composite video
File Storage/Data Transfer
Video Storage Pro models only
Still Image Storage Pro models only
SD/SDHC Card-enabled
(up to 16Gb)
Pro models only
Common Features
Startup 2 seconds
E-Zoom 2x available on all models except TS24
Battery 4 AA NiMH Batteries (included) or Li-Ion or Alkaline AA
Rating IP-67
Included Accessories
TS24 / TS32 / TS32r Basic Kit (neck lanyard, video cable, operator’s manual)
TS24Pro / TS32Pro / TS32r Pro Basic Kit, tactical bag, USB cable, SD card
OPTIONAL Accessories
TS24 / TS32 / TS32r Tactical bag
TS24Pro / TS32Pro / TS32r Pro 2x optical extender
Range Performance
Detect Man-Sized Target 19 mm lens:
~350 yards
2x extender:
~600 yards
19 mm lens:
~500 yards
2x extender:
~900 yards
65 mm lens:
~1400 yards
*Actual range may vary depending on camera setup, environmental conditions, user experience, and display method.
Item Condition:


It is the responsiblity of the buyer to comply with the export control laws and regulations of the United States Government and to obtain export licenses if required.