FLIR Recon M-18 Pocketscope

Price: $9,198.00 — $11,025.00

The FLIR Recon M-18 thermal imaging pocketscope delivers breakthrough performance at a breakthrough price. Resolution up to 640×480 lets you see amazing detail in complete darkness and through light fog, smoke, dust, foliage, thin sheds, and similar hiding places in day or night. The M-18 thermal imaging camera is lightweight and compact, fitting comfortably in your pocket and in your hand. Its simple controls are easy to master for first-time users, whether left- or right-handed.

Remote video output lets you capture video evidence of what you see through the M-18, and it can adapt to various environments and applications through image polarity, multiple color palettes, and other user settings. The M-18 thermal imaging camera features legendary FLIR quality and components throughout its construction. It meets MIL-SPEC 810F and is fully submersible to 66 feet for up to one hour. It can also be tripod mounted. Efficient battery usage allows over 3 hours of operation.

The Recon M-18 thermal imaging camera gives law enforcement, public safety, first responders, and security operations an undeniable tactical advantage well beyond ordinary night vision, and its high performance at an affordable price leaves other thermal imagers behind.

Recon M-18 Pocketscope Features

  • 640×480 or 320×240 resolution
  • Digital zoom up to 4X
  • Image polarity & multiple color palettes adapt to various environments
  • Remote video output captures visual evidence
  • Lightweight & pocket sized
  • Simple, ambidextrous operation
  • Optional covert laser pointer (low power training mode & high power tactical mode)
  • Handheld or tripod mount
  • Over 3 hours battery life (two 3V CR123)
  • Full MIL Spec ruggedness
  • Submersible to 66ft up to one hour
  • High grade FLIR components throughout
Thermal Imaging Versus Flashlight Comparison

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Thermal Imaging Versus Night Vision Comparison

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Recon M-18 Pocketscope Package

  • Recon M-18 Pocketscope
  • Lanyard
  • Carry bag with belt clip
  • Video output cable
  • Laminated reference card
  • Spare batteries

Recon M-18 Pocketscope Accessories

  • Extender lens
  • Clip-on digital video recorder

Recon M-18 Pocketscope Specifications

Imaging Performance
FPA Resolution 640 x 480, 320 x 240 (option)
E-Zoom 2x, 4x digital
Field of View 18.7° x 14° (standard), 13.8° x 10.4° (optional)
Versatility Extender lens option
Laser Pointer
Standard 850nm at 30mW and 30.5mW, Class 3b
Optional Visible, eye safe
Display & Controls
Image display 640 x 480 color OLED
Image adjustments AGC / ALC, manual, polarity, color, STACE™ digital image enhancement
User controls On / off laser, AGC / ALC, manual calibration, NUC, recticle select, polarity, color palettes, display brightness, image enhancement modes, digital zoom
Calibration On demand
Recticle Auto-scale with zoom
Video out NTSC, PAL
Power source Two 3V CR123 batteries
Battery life >3 hours with 640 array
>3.5 hours with 320 array
Inputs & Outputs
Output Video (Standard NTSC or PAL)
Diemsions, Weight & Mounting
Weight 14 oz (~400 grams) with batteries
Mounting 1/4-20 tripod mount
Dimensions 5" L x 3.25" W x 2.25" H
Operating temp -32° to +55°C
Environmental MIL-SPEC 810F
Water immersion 66′ for 1 hour
Included Lanyard, carry bag with belt clip, video output cable, laminated quick reference card, spare batteries
Optional Extender lens, clip on digital video recorder
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