Mobile Thermal Imaging

Mobile Imaging

Thermal imaging detects small differences in temperature, providing a detailed picture in total darkness or whenever visibility is limited. It is used in unmanned military aircraft, and BMW and Cadillac use it to improve night driving. Our pan-and-tilt systems can be mounted on cars, boats, and other vehicles to help apprehend suspects on the run, aid in search-and-rescue, and see drug deals going down without search lights or headlights. Our throwable robots help law enforcement size up a critical situation before heading in.

Starts at $2,395.00
Compact, high performance vehicle-based thermal imaging system that allows officers to see clearly in total darkness. Available as camera only or in complete kit with display.
Thermal Imaging and Night Vision
ATAC 360° Vehicle Mount Thermal Imaging
Easily mounted on a car, boat, or other vehicle. Wired or remote control. 360° rotation, 135° tilt. Detects human activity up to 1500ft in total darkness & fog, dust, or smoke.
Thermal Imaging and Night Vision


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